Elicoide – Mitochondria
From Elicoide – Elicoide
Released on Moon Record, 1987, Italy

Mitochondria is the meeting place of a genre, a place and a period that we are really fond of, and especially when these three dimensions are tied together to give you Italian Ambient from the late 1980’s. This track perfectly illustrates that moment when some Italian musicians were seeking new organic experiments in music (this is the time and space that gave us Gigi Masin’s masterpieces as well…), a moment when Internet did not exist, and where very specific kinds of music only existed in very specific areas.

Mitochondria begins with percussive synths and a double bass only to unfold into one of most moving minimalist piece we’ve heard recently. You might think that this track is kind of long, but the trip is really worth closing all of your Google tabs for 15 minutes and letting you go to the sound of Elicoide.

Une réflexion sur “BIOLOGY / ITALY

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