Yasuaki Shimizu – Tamare-Tamare
From Yasuaki Shimizu – Subliminal
Released on Invitation, 1987, Japan

Yasuaki Shimizu is a legendary saxophonist from Japan. Playing on essential albums such as Mariah’s Utakata No Hibi (yes, that recently reissued holy grail), he released 6 Jazz-Fusion albums before moving to Europe (Paris, London) and finally releasing Subliminal in 1987.

Tamare-Tamara is one of the highlights of Subliminal : with its crazy vocals, its super nervous rhytmical section, this track is without doubts an absolute afro-new-wave-floor-killer and a perfect example of how versatile one of our favorite artists is.

Une réflexion sur “HEAVENLY MARACAS

  1. I’ve noticed that in your text the title “Tamare-Tamare” is misspelled,
    Please correct the title as follow

    « Tamare-Tamara »


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