ACID PRAYERS Aashid - The Gods And I From Aashid - Kosmik Gypsy Released on Ayo, 1982, USA Few know about Nashville's experimental Reggae micro-scene, but it provided the genre with some gems, produced by mystic mastermind Aashid Himons. By the time Aashid Himons' ground-breaking reggae band, Afrikan Dreamland released his first album, in 1981, Himons had…Lire la suite ACID PRAYERS

PECKER POWER Tony Koba - Kageki - Radical & Musical From Tony Koba - Rough & Smooth Released on Better Days, Japan, 1981 Tony Koba is a Jazz-Fusion musician who plays the drum on various Japanese Jazz records in the late 1970's - early 1980's, but we won't talk about him. The main interest of Kageki…Lire la suite PECKER POWER