Emmanuel Ezeagu – African Problem
From Emmanuel Ezeagu – Sugar Daddy
Released on Melody Records, 1992, Nigeria

we  have always believed that there’s still a huge amount of undiscovered great music out there and especially in the motherland, Africa. This statement seems particularly right if you take into account the incredible amount of music recorded on this continent from the late 1970’s to the 1990’s and beyond . Of course, some great artists have already been reevaluated for the past few years , such as William Onyeabor , Francis Bebey , Oby Onyioha and many more great names you may know about.

This said, we are always sorry when we have not been able to get any information about an artist we’re mentioning on our site. This is the case of this guy, Emmanuel Ezeagu a.k.a. Sugar Daddy . We can only suppose that Sugar Daddy is the only album Ezeagu recorded, in 1992. this album was mixed By Martin Ikebuaku who has also been involved on other great Nigerian album such as the classic Village Boogie by Steve Black and Boys And Girls by Joe Moks. Not sure if this fact is a sign of quality, however, African Problem is an exquisite fusion track with highlife melodies , a sweet taste of boogie highlighting Ezeagu‘s great voice.

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