Okonkole Y Trompa
 is an online project run by PAM and Satoshi. It has been designed as a way to give access to music previously inaccessible on the Internet to a broader audience as well as promoting artists who, we thought, deserve greater recognition. Most importantly, it aims at shedding some light on the social, historical and cultural context in which the music was recorded, in order for the reader to see a bigger picture.

Tracks are either uploaded in the Music From The Living Room section or the Music From The Club section whether they may suit better a listening session at home or a crowded party (though we are in no way forcing anyone to respect these categories) .

Since November 2016, Okonkole Y Trompa is also a monthly radio show, hosted on NTS Radio, in which we try to follow the editorial line of the blog and to play contemporary music we like and that we cannot discuss on the website.

For information or booking inquiries, please send us a mail at : mail.okonkoleytrompa@gmail.com