Ella Blou is a British designer and DJ, host of Transcient Landscape on Skylab Radio. I absolutely love her work as a designer and as a DJ and I’m so pleased to had her on the show. We sort of subconsciously coordinated our effort to record the show as we share an unconditional love for little plastic thingies among other things and had lengthy discussions about it. As Ella puts it, the mix is « mostly songs that I associate with the playful textures and patterns of childhood in that its quite emotionally squishy, digitally restless and maybe even plastic-y? There are also some jazz/easy-listening/saudade moments in there as well that feel reminiscent of dreams from that time ~ i also like that there is more than one track with food it in it haha. » I’m subscribing to this statement : the mix is definitely bumpy, colorful, joyful – sometimes squishy.


Feu St-Antoine – The Appærence

Laila France – Trashy Like TV

Serani Poji – Lovelabor

Suzukiski – Mountains

POiSON GiRL FRiEND – Doomed Love

Trembling Blue Stars – The Rainbow

Rei Harakami – Dessert

Brigitte Fontaine – Ah! Que La Vie Est Belle

Mr. T – attack in the minor key

Kazumi Totaka – Animal Crossing: Wild World – Title Screen

John Martin – Sunshine’s Better (Talvin Singh Remix)

Dean Blunt – WOOSAH

Okihide – Blue

Ella Blou – Guest Mix

Sora – Pause

Sadao Watanabe & His Bossa Mates – White Waves

Takako Minekawa – Phonoballoon Song (Nobukazu Takemura remix)

Boundary – 33 Possibles Encuentros

Unreal – Very Personal

Aoki Takamasa – Walk On The Ocean

Brian Eno – How Many Worlds

Janet Sherborne and Mark Lockett – French Film Piece No’6

Fruits et Légumes – Poireau belle Hélène 

Otro – Suburbia (Fog $ Hash)

Ian Wilson – Four In The Morning (DJ Chrysalis Edit)

Kraig Kilby – Strawberry Point

The Gentle People – Journey [Reprise]

Nobukazu Takemura – Long Long Night

Lily Chou Chou – Arabesque

D’Eon – Variation XIII

Lawrence – Falling Down a Dam of Mashed Potatoes

Rei Harakami – Lust

Kazumasa Hashimoto – Noaro

Mark Mothersbaugh – Mallota 

Hajime Mizoguchi – The Giraffe and The Moon

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