DJ F16 FALCON – TO THE COMRADES DJ F16 Falcon - To The Comrades From DJ F16 Falcon - Dubz No label, France, 2020 No more drama, no more blabla, no more label bullshit: it’s 2020 ! We’ll find a new label name later. People in France have been striking hard, trying to get the attention of an arrogant government ;…Lire la suite DJ F16 FALCON – TO THE COMRADES

ENTRY #11: ANOTHER B-SIDE STORY Kerry Delius - Dear Christine From Kerry Delius - They Say It's Gonna Rain Released on Arrival Records, 1984, UK If you're used to reading this blog, you probably share with us the idea that "B-sides" can almost be considered as a subgenre of pop music; a musical territory where musicians let loose of…Lire la suite ENTRY #11: ANOTHER B-SIDE STORY

ENTRY#7 : WHAT’S THE WEATHER REPORT LIKE? Ouverture - Rencontre From Ouverture - Rencontre Self-released, 1985, France I read in a newspaper that, according to some recent studies, no matter what's the weather like, it's always French people's favourite topic of conversation - and global warming is probably making it even  worse... What these studies are missing, in my opinion, is…Lire la suite ENTRY#7 : WHAT’S THE WEATHER REPORT LIKE?

ENTRY #3 : A LITTLE BIT OF FOLK Trio Romançal - Capoeira - Meia Noite & Kalimba - Matuque From Trio Romançal Brasileiro - S/T Not on label, Brazil, 1987 It's been quite a long while since I last wrote here. I've been enquired with many things (things I posted about on OYT, especially this new label, DRAMA), but I've not…Lire la suite ENTRY #3 : A LITTLE BIT OF FOLK

Entry #2 : DO WE LIKE JAZZ FUNK ? Vyacheslav Preobrazhensky - Lullaby Of A Sea From Vyacheslav Preobrazhensky - Only Yesterday... Released on Melodia, USSR, 1991 When one shares music on the Internet, one makes the assumption that it can appeal to at least a few people. With this one I'm not so sure, and writing about it might be a way…Lire la suite Entry #2 : DO WE LIKE JAZZ FUNK ?

CÉLINE GILLAIN – BAD WOMAN (DRAMA2) Céline Gillain - Fight or Flight From Céline Gillain - Bad Woman Out December 2018 on DRAMA, France “It’s not easy to be free, but it’s harder not to be”.These are the first words to Bad Woman, Céline Gillain’s debut LP on DRAMA. I've never had that many difficulties writing a text for a…Lire la suite CÉLINE GILLAIN – BAD WOMAN (DRAMA2)

SPRING MARIMBAS Tom Van Der Geld - March April Marimba From Tom Van Der Geld - Small Mountain - Music From Four Marimbas Released on Wergo, 1986, Germany Born in 1947 in Boston, Tom Van der Geld belongs to a generation of musicians who were in contact with a then very modern approach to music at…Lire la suite SPRING MARIMBAS

ON THE BEACH AT NIGHT ALONE Nurit Galron - Song In The Middle Of The Night From Nurit Galron - נתן זך Released on CBS, 1981, Israel When one is writing about music from a country, a culture or sung in a language he does not know, one must always keep in mind that what one takes for something exotic…Lire la suite ON THE BEACH AT NIGHT ALONE

NIGHT DRIVE Patrick Marcel - Bagnols From Patrick Marcel - Ostinato Self-released, 1985, France Some musicians are absolutely not defined by their preferred instrument (think about Brian Eno for example), others strongly are (Jaco Pastorius and his "bass of Doom"). Weirdly for someone who might only know Patrick Marcel from the music recorded on his only…Lire la suite NIGHT DRIVE