HURDY-GURDY MAN Remy Couvez - Rêve de Voyage From Rémy Couvez - Paysages Intérieurs Self-released, 1986, France We wrote about many records which blended oriental musical influences with "Western" musical culture, but never have we dealt before with the hurdy-gurdy and the ancestral traditions which surround this instrument. Alongside Valentin Clastrier (another renowned French hurdy-gurdy player)…Lire la suite HURDY-GURDY MAN


ETHNIC JAZZ Andreas Georgiou - Rainforest From Andreas Georgiou - Asate Released on Libra Music, 2003 There's something weird in extensively using the adjective "ethnic" (and we do use it a lot) to describe music we are posting about, as the definition of this word seems to be quite blur and ,in the end, the word…Lire la suite ETHNIC JAZZ

SABIR Novalia - D'improvviso From Novalia - Sabir Released on Materiali Sonori, 1990, Italy Beginning like a RZA-friendly loop (you should watch Ghost Dog again if this doesn't ring a bell) and ending like an epic Pink Floyd-esque instrumental, Novalia's D'improvviso  incorporates many elements that make it sound lovable to our ears. In between, the tune is a heavily…Lire la suite SABIR