Sharing the musical vision of talented musicians and selectors has always been part of our initial project when we launched Okonkole Y Trompa. It took some time, but we can finally share with you our first guest mix, and we are so glad to inaugurate this series with such a high level of quality, thanks to this incredible mix by Dutch selector, MAEKKOT.

In this one-hour long selection, MAEKKOT explores various musical environments, ranging from earthy landscapes reminding us of Jon Hassel’s muted atmosphères to very aerial and organic jazz jams, bounding all the tracks by a thin line that crosses very different worlds but which always unearths the pureness hidden beneath these heterogeneous sounds.

Here are some words, by the artist himself :
« My main purpose in my mixes is to share my knowledge about the « pureness » in any kind of music. Some songs may have a similar feeling to me and so I try to get that feeling out and put it all in a selection. In particular you can resonate with my mixes through ethnic and experimental sounds resulting in a kind of trance or meditation »

You can follow MAEKKOT on Facebook and Soundcloud

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