CITY OF QUARTZ A Produce - Owachamo A Produce - Pulse From A Produce - The Clearing Released on Trance Port, 1988, US Where do records go to sleep, waiting for someone to pick them up after living a short life as new and exciting records? That's a question I've often come up with and often found…Lire la suite CITY OF QUARTZ

THE WITCHING HOUR Mezzanotte - Midnight From Mezzanotte - S/T Released on Sneak Preview, 1984, France For us, writing about this record is basically an excuse to pay tribute to one of our favorite producers from Belgium, Frank Degryse. Don't expect us to go deeply into his discography as it is enormous and chock-full of mind-blowing tunes...…Lire la suite THE WITCHING HOUR

NIGHT DRIVE Patrick Marcel - Bagnols From Patrick Marcel - Ostinato Self-released, 1985, France Some musicians are absolutely not defined by their preferred instrument (think about Brian Eno for example), others strongly are (Jaco Pastorius and his "bass of Doom"). Weirdly for someone who might only know Patrick Marcel from the music recorded on his only…Lire la suite NIGHT DRIVE

INTERNATIONAL LOVE #2 Martha Bruining - I'll Love You Wherever You Are From Martha Bruining - Reflections Released on CB Records, 1986?, Netherlands We've already introduced the geopolitical history behind the Netherlands-Surinam connection in a previous article about Cynthia and Family. As one can easily guess, Cynthia and her parents' stories are only one of the few stories that intertwine…Lire la suite INTERNATIONAL LOVE #2

HURDY-GURDY MAN Remy Couvez - Rêve de Voyage From Rémy Couvez - Paysages Intérieurs Self-released, 1986, France We wrote about many records which blended oriental musical influences with "Western" musical culture, but never have we dealt before with the hurdy-gurdy and the ancestral traditions which surround this instrument. Alongside Valentin Clastrier (another renowned French hurdy-gurdy player)…Lire la suite HURDY-GURDY MAN


December is here and we didn't go for a very Christmasy show (it does contain one Christmas-related tune) for this NTS show. Featuring music from Sonoko, Lard Free & Soul Connection. Tracklist : MEREDITH MONK - VIEW 1 YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS - N.I.T.A. SONOKO - CHERI CHERI WINSTON TONGUE - THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS…Lire la suite OYT ON AIR : NTS SHOWS – DECEMBER 2017

OYT ON AIR : NTS SHOWS – NOVEMBER 2017 w/ Guy Bingley

In November we had Guy Bingley joining us for our NTS show. Guy, one of the three brains behind London-based party crew and brilliant YouTube channel, Customs, played a delightful one hour set of ambient and loungy jazz funk. You can listen back to the full show here : Tracklist : JEAN-FRANCOIS LEON - MONG…Lire la suite OYT ON AIR : NTS SHOWS – NOVEMBER 2017 w/ Guy Bingley

WE ARE LIKE THE DREAMER… Alan Purvey - Chased By Shadows From Alan Purvey - Living In A Dream Released on Curved Air Sound Recording, 1985, US Without surprise, this privately released LP is the only known recording from Illinois-based musician, Alan Purvey. And, as often with this type of records, the pieces of information and deductions we can…Lire la suite WE ARE LIKE THE DREAMER…

NOTHING’S WRONG IN PARADISE Sunstroke - Boat People From Sunstroke - Nothing's Wrong In Paradise  Released on Copperhead Records, 1985, Belgium I first heard music by Sunstroke via Nosedrip, who posted the title-track of Sunstroke's only album on his YouTube channel. The tune instantly bewitched me. By chance, I stumbled across the record a few days later in a…Lire la suite NOTHING’S WRONG IN PARADISE