The virus finally hits Europe, and we're all in quarantine now. My mind wanders and very predictively meets memories of Alain Resnais and Chris Marker. La Jetée, of course,  but not Hiroshima Mon Amour - La Vie est Un Roman instead, a weird film in Resnais's work, not absolutely exempt from flaws but revolving around…Lire la suite NTS SHOWS – MARS 2020 W/ PAM & HOUTI

NTS SHOWS – AUGUST 2018 W/ PAM & Satoshi

While PAM's been playing a few Modal records that he's "not been listening for quite a while" DJ Satoshi went for a full "Hip-Hop & R'n'B chill beats mega mix" for the second hour. Note that PAM's also been dragged into the Rap Fever, Playing Big Daddy Kane and Fernanda Abreu (as well as some…Lire la suite NTS SHOWS – AUGUST 2018 W/ PAM & Satoshi


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUKbRy5VWDs&t=4s Martha Bruining - I'll Love You Wherever You Are From Martha Bruining - Reflections Released on CB Records, 1986?, Netherlands We've already introduced the geopolitical history behind the Netherlands-Surinam connection in a previous article about Cynthia and Family. As one can easily guess, Cynthia and her parents' stories are only one of the few stories that intertwine…Lire la suite INTERNATIONAL LOVE #2