NTS SHOWS – JANUARY 2018 W/ PAM & River Yarra

What a pleasure to share a show that has been half-recorded DOWN UNDER by Melbourne's wonderboy, River Yarra, responsible for a strong bizarro-house EP on Antinote last year. The mood is balearic in a very broad way... The first hour features some of my favourite songs from 2018, by the likes of Front de Cadeaux…Lire la suite NTS SHOWS – JANUARY 2018 W/ PAM & River Yarra



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1v8_bmI2Y7k Hi-Bias - More, More, More From Hi-Bias - S/T Released On Blast Records / Bigshot Records, 1990, Canada We rarely had the occasion to write about such big names – or at least about people connected to such HUGE names in the music industry as we do today. Indeed, one half of Hi-Bias is…Lire la suite MORE & MORE & MORE


PAM's riding solo on July's episode of Okonkole Y Trompa on NTS. As usual, quite all over the place, but landing safely with Sally Oldfield and Laraaji. TRACKLIST : PIERRE-JEAN CROSET - Second Hour C.W. VRTACEK - Fly / Wave WARREN HAMPSHIRE, GREG FOAT - The Promise THE DURUTTI COLUMN - Favourite Painting AMBIENT WARRIOR - Night Flight Over Trieste KATSUTOSHI MORIZONO - The Blue…Lire la suite NTS SHOWS – JULY 2018 w/ PAM


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0C-B0WpRSPA&lc=z22kixip0licvzvwx04t1aokgswr4m0dlumrxk40fl5hbk0h00410 A.B.Crentsil's Ahenfo Band - Sika Be Ba From A.B.Crentsil's Ahenfo Band - Gyae Me Life Ma Me Released on Black M Sounds, 1992, Germany   We have already shared a couple of times (here and here) our fascination and love for the unique sound that Ghanaian musicians crafted and that is usually labeled under…Lire la suite GHANAIAN STREET SOUL