April is the cruelest month. It’s also one of my favorite months, days are noticeably getting longer, hotter and sunnier in Paris, and I’m not suffering from hay fever yet. But the poet is right, it’s a cruel month. Its spring colours lure us. Our expectations for a good change are great, but, by the end of the month, we often realize that we have been deceived. No matter how painful this realization is, it’s the moment I cherish the most. It’s the same with music: I like soothing music, but the music I love the most is no; it exists beyond the need for comfort, it’s not totally desperate, but not far from it. I’m very happy to have Carlos back on the show in April, as his selection precisely reflects this state of mind. If you remember his amazing mix from June 2019, you will easily understand why I asked him for another contribution.

The first 60 minutes take cue from Michael Mann’s splendid Manhunter, a sultry testimony of Mann’s visual mastery and a sophisticated tribute to 1980’s post-modern design and architecture. I know it’s a Hannibal Lecter thriller, a blueprint for the 1991 smash-hit Silence of the Lambs, but that’s not what inspired me. I guess the mix has more to do with the production design of the film and its interiors than with the plot.


Michael Mann – Manhunter [Opening]

Schoenherz – Sultry Nights

Flyer – Wanna Get Back Your Love

Bagarre – Circus Is Gone

Doctor Rockit – Café De Flore

Kahimi Karie – Tiny King Kong

Ronald Burell – Journey

DJ Sprinkles + Mark Fell – Insights

Larry Heard – Missing You (After Dark Mix)

Shriekback – Coelocanth

Shriekback – This Big Hush

Hiroshi Fujiwara – La Dolce Vita

Carlos – Guest Mix

Dolly Mixture – Dilly Dolly Dally

Weekend – Nostalgia (Demo)

Dominique André – In Search of the Past

Salon Kitty – Syokei

Windy & Carl – Whisper

Occidental White – Should I Care

Madeleine Chartrand – Ah! Comme on s’ennuie

Die Welttraumforscher – I Will Be With You

Marie-Ange Cousin – Molle ouate

Yo La Tengo – Daphnia

Reiko & Tori Kudo – The Deep Valley of Shadow

Füxa – Pleasant Orbitings

Otroshakers – Que Dicen Hoy Los Diarios?

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