DJ F16 FALCON – DUBZ (DRAMA3) DJ F16 Falcon - Family Grocery Haul From DJ F16 Falcon - Dubz (drama3) Out November 2019 on DRAMA, France It's been almost a year since we released Céline Gillain's sensational Bad Woman... DRAMA is finally back with a third release, in the form of a limited 7": DUBZ by DJ F16 Falcon. What exactly are…Lire la suite DJ F16 FALCON – DUBZ (DRAMA3)


You will read about not one but three records in this article. Let's figure out what drove us from one record to the others, starting with an artist and a label you might have read many times about on this site : one of our biggest musical heroes, Steve Beresford, and the beloved French label…Lire la suite ENTRY #4 : WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?

NTS SHOWS – JANUARY 2019 W/ PAM & River Yarra

What a pleasure to share a show that has been half-recorded DOWN UNDER by Melbourne's wonderboy, River Yarra, responsible for a strong bizarro-house EP on Antinote last year. The mood is balearic in a very broad way... The first hour features some of my favourite songs from 2018, by the likes of Front de Cadeaux…Lire la suite NTS SHOWS – JANUARY 2019 W/ PAM & River Yarra

NTS SHOWS – DECEMBER 2018 W/ PAM & Satoshi

For our latest show of the year we went from "sad ballads" favorites to some shinning dance classics via Kate Bush most leftfield moments and Robert Palmer. And I'm pretty happy with how it went ! Not that much of a Christmas show though... Sorry for the Christmas heads. TRACKLIST : HUMAN FLESH - Alone (First Part)…Lire la suite NTS SHOWS – DECEMBER 2018 W/ PAM & Satoshi

CÉLINE GILLAIN – BAD WOMAN (DRAMA2) Céline Gillain - Fight or Flight From Céline Gillain - Bad Woman Out December 2018 on DRAMA, France “It’s not easy to be free, but it’s harder not to be”.These are the first words to Bad Woman, Céline Gillain’s debut LP on DRAMA. I've never had that many difficulties writing a text for a…Lire la suite CÉLINE GILLAIN – BAD WOMAN (DRAMA2)

M.B. JONES – R.O.K. SPY (DRAMA1) M.B. Jones - Pusan Perimeter From M.B. Jones - R.O.K. Spy Released on drama, September 2018, France Recently I have been busy working out a way to get music recorded by former US special agent M.B. Jones when he was working in South-Korea (R.O.K.) released. I teamed up with Zaltan from Antinote to create…Lire la suite M.B. JONES – R.O.K. SPY (DRAMA1)