DJ F16 Falcon – Family Grocery Haul
From DJ F16 Falcon – Dubz (drama3)
Out November 2019 on DRAMA, France

It’s been almost a year since we released Céline Gillain’s sensational Bad Woman…
DRAMA is finally back with a third release, in the form of a limited 7″:
DUBZ by DJ F16 Falcon.

What exactly are “Dubz”?

It may sound like another nebulous concept from the people who brought you pocket pop from a US secret agent on the run (drama1) and mutant pop from a world-famous diva in a parallel universe (drama2). Frankly, it could be. Knowing our dubious sense of humour and the discography of the artist, also known as roger mpr – a moniker under which he crafted industrial ambient sketches out of raw material extracted from YouTube’s junk pit – one could expect a goofy set of faux-reggae tunes, designed for a banned episode of Rugratz or some other deranged Nickelodeon show.

Well, there might be a tiny bit of this in “Dubz”; but, first and foremost, it’s a genuine feeling of spontaneity that emanates from these two modern Dub wannabes – even if we couldn’t help shoving a story on the artwork about chasing cockroaches on the last day of Winter…

With Family Grocery Haul, DJ F16 Falcon goes back to his old roger mpr habit of snooping around the Internet for the most tasteful bits of YouTube uploads to rip off – in this case, a grocery shopping equivalent to unboxing videos. However, no need to be familiar with the latest vlogging trends to enjoy the music, as DJ F16 Falcon is channelling this obsession of his into an infectious metal dub dance cut – inevitably recalling Adrian Sherwood’s rawest productions for, like, Mark Stewart – doped with hallucinogenic micro-samples panning over one’s head. F16 Falcon does not beat around the bush: a heavy bassline and even heavier drum kicks make it quite clear that Family Grocery Haul has been designed for club environments.

Out-of-control flangers, emo pad chords and a catchy lil’ melody: equally playful, To The Comrades is a potential surprise hit. With this nagging reggae ballad, Dj F16 Falcon reaches an ingenuous peak of jolliness in his discography. Taking over the mic, Falcon sings his most explicit lyrics to date:

Say hi to the Comrades, stay high with the Comrades”.

Mastered by Mathieu Berthet,
Quirky packaging by Cloarec,
limited edition of 200 copies,
available for pre-order at :



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