DJ F16 FALCON – DUBZ (DRAMA3) DJ F16 Falcon - Family Grocery Haul From DJ F16 Falcon - Dubz (drama3) Out November 2019 on DRAMA, France It's been almost a year since we released Céline Gillain's sensational Bad Woman... DRAMA is finally back with a third release, in the form of a limited 7": DUBZ by DJ F16 Falcon. What exactly are…Lire la suite DJ F16 FALCON – DUBZ (DRAMA3)


What a pleasure to share the airwaves with Curtis Barber, aka Vio DJ, organiser of the always great Leihhaus parties in Berlin and host of a radio show of the same name on Cashmere Radio. You can listen back to this 2-hour long radio session here : Tracklist : CRAIG T. COOPER - SWEET WATER…Lire la suite OYT ON AIR : NTS SHOWS – FEBRUARY 2018 w/ Vio DJ

INTERNATIONAL LOVE #2 Martha Bruining - I'll Love You Wherever You Are From Martha Bruining - Reflections Released on CB Records, 1986?, Netherlands We've already introduced the geopolitical history behind the Netherlands-Surinam connection in a previous article about Cynthia and Family. As one can easily guess, Cynthia and her parents' stories are only one of the few stories that intertwine…Lire la suite INTERNATIONAL LOVE #2


December is here and we didn't go for a very Christmasy show (it does contain one Christmas-related tune) for this NTS show. Featuring music from Sonoko, Lard Free & Soul Connection. Tracklist : MEREDITH MONK - VIEW 1 YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS - N.I.T.A. SONOKO - CHERI CHERI WINSTON TONGUE - THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS…Lire la suite OYT ON AIR : NTS SHOWS – DECEMBER 2017

AASHID DUB Afrikan Dreamland - Unwasted Time (Dub) From Afrikan Dreamland - Blu-Reggae Released on Ayo, 1983, US Last November, we wrote about a very surprising album, by Nashville's master of reggae (if not one of the only reggae musicians from Nashville), Kosmik Gypsy by Aashid Himons. This record, Himons' only solo album, blew our minds…Lire la suite AASHID DUB

MYSTERY FROM GHANA VIA BERLIN Paa Solo - Obi Do From Paa Solo - Body And Soul Released on Tom Tom Music, Germany, 1994 It's been a long time but here is another one which fits our "total mystery" section : indeed, not a single tangible piece of information was found concerning Paa Solo... However, we can still deduce…Lire la suite MYSTERY FROM GHANA VIA BERLIN