CITY OF QUARTZ A Produce - Owachamo A Produce - Pulse From A Produce - The Clearing Released on Trance Port, 1988, US Where do records go to sleep, waiting for someone to pick them up after living a short life as new and exciting records? That's a question I've often come up with and often found…Lire la suite CITY OF QUARTZ


What a pleasure to share the airwaves with Curtis Barber, aka Vio DJ, organiser of the always great Leihhaus parties in Berlin and host of a radio show of the same name on Cashmere Radio. You can listen back to this 2-hour long radio session here : Tracklist : CRAIG T. COOPER - SWEET WATER…Lire la suite OYT ON AIR : NTS SHOWS – FEBRUARY 2018 w/ Vio DJ

DUB DEM SILLY Continental Research Orchestra - Naboko Samba (Dub Version) From Continental Research Orchestra - Naboko Samba Released on Disques Dreyfus, 1986, France Seriously, how is it even possible that this dub version of Naboko Samba ever got released ? No one gave it a proper listen before giving the green light ? It's not as if…Lire la suite DUB DEM SILLY

IN DREAMS Elephant Château - Dreamings From Elephant Château - Dreamings Released on Halb Tanz Halb Schlaf, Switzerland Years ago, when I was still in high school, I stumbled across a CD-compilation called Swiss Wave in a record store. The name was very appealing as before that day I did not know anything nor did I even…Lire la suite IN DREAMS

THE DARKEST HOUR P.I.T.T. & The Dreamers - Longing For A Lost Fatherland From P.I.T.T. & The Dreamers - Drakron Released on Radium 226.05, 1989, Sweden P.I.T.T. is a Swedish experimental new wave band whom members are Johan Söderberg , Lars Åkerlund, Sebastian Öberg and Zbigniew Karkowski. The three of them were prominent musicians of the Swedish experimental, electronic, wave scene…Lire la suite THE DARKEST HOUR

HEAVENLY MARACAS Yasuaki Shimizu - Tamare-Tamare From Yasuaki Shimizu - Subliminal Released on Invitation, 1987, Japan Yasuaki Shimizu is a legendary saxophonist from Japan. Playing on essential albums such as Mariah's Utakata No Hibi (yes, that recently reissued holy grail), he released 6 Jazz-Fusion albums before moving to Europe (Paris, London) and finally releasing Subliminal in 1987.…Lire la suite HEAVENLY MARACAS