Tasaday – E…
From Tasaday – L’Eterna Risata 
Released on A Dull Note, 1991, Italy

A Dull Note is a sub-label to Italian label ADN and so is Auf Dem Nil a label who was host to Riccardo Sinigaglia‘s Riflessi. In fact if you ever stumble across an Italian label from the 1980’s-1990’s whose name is an accronym of ADN, there is much chance for it to be another sub-label of this very prolific experimental imprint !

Indeed, it’s quite hard to know the exact number of albums released on CD’s, records and tapes by the Italian label and its many sub-labels but we can tell for sure that it featured works by impressive names like Pascal Comelade or Conrad Schnitzler alongside many Italian experimental bands and musicians.

L’Eterna Risata is without doubt Tasaday – or Die Form & Nulla Iperreale as the band was known in the early 1980’s – most accessible work. Getting away from the industrial music they’ve been producing for some years, L’Eterna Risata offers a much more ethereal music, with a somewhat of a mediterranean feel. Indeed, you can hardly get more ethereal than on E…, the beautiful closing song of the album, which sounds as if all the instruments had evaporated and all that was left was some gaseous trace of their existence !

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