Riccardo Sinigaglia – Attraverso (Part I)
From Riccardo Sinigaglia – Riflessi
Released on Auf Dem Nil, 1986, Italy

Italian musician and architect Riccardo Sinigaglia studied music at Milan Conservatory with its Maestro of electronic music, Angelo Paccagnini, in the 1970’s. He later became a teacher at this prestigious conservatory, where he developed his own vision of that very broad genre we call Italian Minimalism, that we already took a look at here and here.

Attraverso is a very long and complexe composition, spanning over 6 movements, and that’s why we chose to only upload its first part. Most of the sounds used in Attraverso come from a saxophone, either played with a mouth-piece or without it (that’s where the  rythmical motives come from) processed by a computer system.

Riccardo Sinigaglia, not only does an amazing work on textures but he also perfectly uses the potential of minimalist composition to generate a feeling of fulness in the listener’s mind. His music helps us recovering from the week-end, and we hope it will help you too !

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