Andreolina – Music In A Small Room
From Andreolina – An Island In The Moon
Released on Auf Dem Nil, 1990

The most attentive readers will realize that this is the third time that we mention the protean label, ADN (which stands for Auf Dem Nil as well as A Dull Note, and many more). Last time, it was about the Industrial turned-Ambient band Tasaday, but the fans of Italian minimalism will also remember Riccardo Sinigaglia’s great album, Riflessi !

As a matter of fact, the Italian musician and architect is also involved with Andreolina‘s only album, playing the piano and programming an Akai sampler on one song. An Island In The Moon is much more « accessible » than Sinigaglia‘s work though. Turning their back on the most savant aspect of music, Pier Luigi Andreoni and Silvio Linardi (Andreolina being a mix of the names of these two musicians, that were both deeply involved with the label…), provide the purest form of ambient music, in the tradition of Brian Eno‘s landmark series.

Music In A Small Room is one of the most crepuscular moments on the label. The liquid keyboards confer the tune a diaphane quality, giving credit to the band for wisely calling their album Island In The Moon. Though the title of the album speaks for itself, let’s just add that Island In The Moon is also the name often given to an unfinished text by a poet which embodies the word « romantic » :  William Blake.

This is music for falling a sleep, without doubt, isn’t it?

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