F.O.E. – Total Eclipse
From F.O.E. – Sex, Energy and Star
Released on Non-Standard, 1986, Japan

For those who wouldn’t know, F.O.E.(which stands for Friends Of Earth)  is « just » another band lead by the mastermind, Haruomi Hosono, teaming with some of his long-time musical contributors like Jotaro Nonaka and Miharu Koshi…

… Don’t think we need to introduce to you the man we consider as one of the biggest genius of pop music….

Anyway, Sex, Energy and Star is the second album released under this moniker, two years after the very good S-F-X, which contains the « hits » Body Snatchers and Strange Love and which seems to have had a relative commercial success, considering the fact that you could easily find a copy of the record in European record shops not so long ago… Which is not the case of Sex, Energy and Star, much harder to find, even in Japan, and, which is, in our opinion, at least as good as the first opus !

Some of you may already know the amazing In My Jungle from this album, but like F.O.E.‘s previous album, Sex, Energy and Star is much more than a one-tracker record and features really great songs such as Sex Machine, one of our favorite James Brown’s covers and of course this huge electro song, soberly entitled Total Eclipse.

Total Eclipse, is a thumping martial electro tune, filled with highly stylistics effects : Miharu Koshi‘s voice in the distance, powerful snares, power guitar chords… and so many other details which make this song sound so great !!!!

This one is a sweet reminder of how much of a prolific genius Hosono is : With this man, when you think you know him quite well, you merely only know the tip of the iceberg…

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