Sammy Massamba – Azali
From Sammy Massamba – Beni Soit Ton Nom
Released on SM Productions, 1990, France

We all know that one mention of a song, somewhere online or offline, can dramatically change its destiny : from an overlooked tune soundtracking a lousy YouTube video, posted 6 years ago, it can become a hit played by the best DJ’s around. One of the most striking recent examples is the fame Preface‘s Palace Hotel reached within a few weeks  ! However, music sometimes « magically » appears on the Internet, as if it simply did not exist before someone posted about it, like the still very mysterious Jimmy Takoube

This is what happened when Fred from Les Mains Noires mentioned Beni Soit Ton NomSammy Massamba‘s LP from 1990 on Facebook. To be more precise, a bunch of people went bonkers about Azalia when they heard about it… and we can easily understand why !

Azalia is one of those super strong late 1980’s – early 1990’s tracks ( case, 1990) who unintentionally got a flavour of proto-house, with even a bit of Larry Levan’s spirit in the mix !

Some super tight musicians are involved on this song, and that’s why it has this flavor of jam which provides Azalia‘s warm sound. The icing on the cake is the addictive lyrics, and even if you don’t understand it, you won’t stop singing them for a couple of days… Beni Soit Ton Nom is another great testimony of the agitated Parisian afro-scene in the 1980’s!

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