VAPOR FRAMES Bebo Baldan featuring Steve James - Eb-0 (from "Guerilla") From Bebo Baldan featuring Steve James - Vapor Frames 86/91 Released on Divergo, 1991, Italy As a "new-age-ethereal-ambient" enthusiast, you must be aware that there is a thin line between the ambient side of music and its nemesis, the "lounge" side of music. In other…Lire la suite VAPOR FRAMES

SABIR Novalia - D'improvviso From Novalia - Sabir Released on Materiali Sonori, 1990, Italy Beginning like a RZA-friendly loop (you should watch Ghost Dog again if this doesn't ring a bell) and ending like an epic Pink Floyd-esque instrumental, Novalia's D'improvviso  incorporates many elements that make it sound lovable to our ears. In between, the tune is a heavily…Lire la suite SABIR

VOIX VULGAIRES André Duchesne - God Economy From Les Mystères Des Voix Vulgaires Released on Divergo, 1990, Italy Released in 1990 on Divergo, the Italian label which is "famous" for hosting Gigi Masin & Alessandro Monti's Wind Collector, Les Mystères Des Voix Vulgaires is a compilation, released in support of the Italian anarchist magazine A/Rivista Anarchica. Gigi Masin's fans…Lire la suite VOIX VULGAIRES

IN THE LAND OF THE BOO – BAM Moon On The Water - In The Land Of The Boo - Bam From Moon On The Water - Moon On The Water Released on Buscemi Record, 1985, Italy Like our galaxy, the galaxy of small European jazz labels which  released - either on purpose or  accidently - leftfield jams in the 1980's seems…Lire la suite IN THE LAND OF THE BOO – BAM

SAXOPHONE / COMPUTER / ITALY Riccardo Sinigaglia - Attraverso (Part I) From Riccardo Sinigaglia - Riflessi Released on Auf Dem Nil, 1986, Italy Italian musician and architect Riccardo Sinigaglia studied music at Milan Conservatory with its Maestro of electronic music, Angelo Paccagnini, in the 1970's. He later became a teacher at this prestigious conservatory, where he developed his own vision of that…Lire la suite SAXOPHONE / COMPUTER / ITALY

DIGITAL DANCE Roberto Musci / Giovanni Venosta ‎– Malangaan From Roberto Musci / Giovanni Venosta ‎– Water Messages On Desert Sand Released on Recommended Records, 1987, UK When you think about 1980's ethnic samples and collages, the first names that more likely pop into your mind are Muslimgauze and African Head Charge, right ? Or maybe you…Lire la suite DIGITAL DANCE

BIOLOGY / ITALY Elicoide - Mitochondria From Elicoide - Elicoide Released on Moon Record, 1987, Italy Mitochondria is the meeting place of a genre, a place and a period that we are really fond of, and especially when these three dimensions are tied together to give you Italian Ambient from the late 1980's. This track perfectly illustrates that…Lire la suite BIOLOGY / ITALY