Moon On The Water – In The Land Of The Boo – Bam
From Moon On The Water – Moon On The Water
Released on Buscemi Record, 1985, Italy

Like our galaxy, the galaxy of small European jazz labels which  released – either on purpose or  accidently – leftfield jams in the 1980’s seems to be infinite. Buscemi Record for example, named after Mario Buscemi, owner of the label, only released a very small amount of records (mainly Rhythm & Blues albums); but for some reasons, this small amount of records features one of the sickest percussion jam we’ve heard from 1980’s Italy : the mystically-named In The Land Of The Boo – Bam.

However, this tune doesn’t come out of nowhere for it was composed and arranged by Italian drummer Tiziano Tononi who played on many great Italian Avant-Garde and Free Jazz records, including Roberto Musci‘s Water Messages On Desert Sand.

In The Land Of The Boo – Bam has been one of our biggest favorites in the club for quite a long time now, and it still sounds fresh every time we play it out loud ! Exploring a wide range of percussions, from mallet instruments to drums, the band tightly builds a hypnotic jam with a strong Mediterranean feeling, maybe partly provided by the « Tullio de Piscopo-esque » drumming pattern. As the song goes by, the vibe gets more and more shamanic, often changing directions before climaxing in an epic final. True uplifting trance music !!

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