The longest hiatus in the history of this series is over ! For the first show of 2020, I was joined by "avant-pop diva" Céline Gillain, who provided a guest mix strictly about money.  In her own words, she realized that "the more music becomes experimental, the less you will find titles and lyrics about…Lire la suite NTS SHOWS – JANUARY 2020 W/ PAM & CÉLINE GILLAIN: MONEY, MONEY, MONEY_MIX

NTS SHOWS – JUNE 2018 w/ PAM & Satoshi

A few favourites from Cherry Red Records were played side-by-side in our June show for NTS radio. It also features other UK Post-Punk favourites from Dislocation Dance or Mag & The Suspects. TRACKLIST : BEAUTIFUL PEA GREEN BOAT - Passed Into Greening MORT GARSON - Ode To An African Violet PRINCE FAR I & THE ARABS - Plant Up DANNY ALIAS…Lire la suite NTS SHOWS – JUNE 2018 w/ PAM & Satoshi

NTS SHOWS – APRIL 2018 w/ PAM & Satoshi

"April is the cruellest month" once wrote the Poet. Yes? No? Featuring music from Steve Reich, Don Cherry, A Produce and Savant, here is April's mix for NTS radio. Tracklist : BERNARD BONNIER - SOLDIER BOY STEVE REICH - FOUR ORGANS DON CHERRY, ED BLACKWELL - VOICE OF THE SILENCE SHEILA CHANDRA - QUIET 4…Lire la suite NTS SHOWS – APRIL 2018 w/ PAM & Satoshi


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDiZ3gWBrHM&t=200s Kyoto - Venetian Blinds From Kyoto - Venetian Blinds Released on ARS Records, 1984, Belgium There's a lot about this record that is immediately appealing, and most importantly an artwork which does not deceive: a band named Kyoto, which name is written in a mock Japanese font, a drawing which symbolically recall the name…Lire la suite KYOTO, BELGIUM


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvkMyrKmw8o&feature=youtu.be Elephant Château - Dreamings From Elephant Château - Dreamings Released on Halb Tanz Halb Schlaf, Switzerland Years ago, when I was still in high school, I stumbled across a CD-compilation called Swiss Wave in a record store. The name was very appealing as before that day I did not know anything nor did I even…Lire la suite IN DREAMS


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj66RtAQMbM Lydia Tomkiw & Terry Burrows - Pressed In An Atlas From Obscure Independent Classics Volume 5 Released on Hamster Records And Tapes, 1988, UK "I started the label when I was about 19 and a student. I’d sent some Jung Analysts demos to the Cherry Red label, which was cultishly popular at the time,…Lire la suite HAMSTER RECORDS AND TAPES PART 1/4