KYOTO, BELGIUM Kyoto - Venetian Blinds From Kyoto - Venetian Blinds Released on ARS Records, 1984, Belgium There's a lot about this record that is immediately appealing, and most importantly an artwork which does not deceive: a band named Kyoto, which name is written in a mock Japanese font, a drawing which symbolically recall the name…Lire la suite KYOTO, BELGIUM

NOTHING’S WRONG IN PARADISE Sunstroke - Boat People From Sunstroke - Nothing's Wrong In Paradise  Released on Copperhead Records, 1985, Belgium I first heard music by Sunstroke via Nosedrip, who posted the title-track of Sunstroke's only album on his YouTube channel. The tune instantly bewitched me. By chance, I stumbled across the record a few days later in a…Lire la suite NOTHING’S WRONG IN PARADISE

BELGIAN BOOGIE Alec Mansion - Détective From Alec Mansion - Microfilms Released on Warner Bros. Records, 1982, Belgium A great song from a celebrated artist from the "Belgian" Boogie scene. Released one year before Alec Mansion's essential eponymous album, Microfilms contains a couple of highly emotional boogie tracks. Detective, a very relaxed song produced by legendary…Lire la suite BELGIAN BOOGIE