3 is a magic number. As soon as I turned this « Music on 45 special » into a series by recording a second part in September, I knew there would be a third part. Here it is. I partly focused on the last years of the format’s heydays, just before CD’s became affordable. Expect a few French Nu-Jack Swing cuts and some massive French boogie classics. If you’re familiar with the show, you’d know what to expect from the first part if I say that it’s a classic OYT show, the usual mixed bag of jazz, post-punk, etc.


Martha & The Muffins – Jets Seem Slower In London’s Skies

Miles Davis – Mood

Didier Squiban, Kristen Noguès – Kerhuel

In Embrace – Shouting In Cafes

Pale Cocoon – FLALORM

Section 25 – Desert

The Use of Ashes – Valhalla

Ambien Baby – Sequentia

Meetsystem, Victor de Roo – Runner van de zaak

David Bowie – Where Are We Now ?

Tomoki Kanda – Golden Weed

The Springfields – Wonder

Jennifer Ka – L’avion du Soir

Cecilia – Chocolat

Gulf Stream – Down To The River Side

Doris Laïze – Forever

Angeleri – Monica

Ginni Gallan – L’Amour Ça Rend Fou

Jean-Michel Navarre – Funky Funky Beat

Bandolero – Rêves Noirs

Albert – Fais-Moi

Rachel M – Funky Ville

Le Président Shû-Shan – Boum! Un Coup de Matraque

Valerie Gee’s Car Band – Un Président Pour La France

Divin Divan – Déesse Solitaire

Nadya Kidd – Again

Emessa – Vision de la Nuit

Lou Blic – Juliette et Roméo

Patrick Beauvarlet – Sans Dessus Dessous

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