CITY OF QUARTZ A Produce - Owachamo A Produce - Pulse From A Produce - The Clearing Released on Trance Port, 1988, US Where do records go to sleep, waiting for someone to pick them up after living a short life as new and exciting records? That's a question I've often come up with and often found…Lire la suite CITY OF QUARTZ

WE ARE LIKE THE DREAMER… Alan Purvey - Chased By Shadows From Alan Purvey - Living In A Dream Released on Curved Air Sound Recording, 1985, US Without surprise, this privately released LP is the only known recording from Illinois-based musician, Alan Purvey. And, as often with this type of records, the pieces of information and deductions we can…Lire la suite WE ARE LIKE THE DREAMER…

AASHID DUB Afrikan Dreamland - Unwasted Time (Dub) From Afrikan Dreamland - Blu-Reggae Released on Ayo, 1983, US Last November, we wrote about a very surprising album, by Nashville's master of reggae (if not one of the only reggae musicians from Nashville), Kosmik Gypsy by Aashid Himons. This record, Himons' only solo album, blew our minds…Lire la suite AASHID DUB

A LETTER FROM HOME "Blue" Gene Tyranny - Out Of The Blue/ A Letter From Home About Sound And Consciousness From "Blue" Gene Tyranny - Out Of The Blue Released on Lovely Music Ltd., 1978, US By far the largest musical piece - as much by its duration and complexity than the themes it addresses - ever mentioned here,…Lire la suite A LETTER FROM HOME

ACID PRAYERS Aashid - The Gods And I From Aashid - Kosmik Gypsy Released on Ayo, 1982, USA Few know about Nashville's experimental Reggae micro-scene, but it provided the genre with some gems, produced by mystic mastermind Aashid Himons. By the time Aashid Himons' ground-breaking reggae band, Afrikan Dreamland released his first album, in 1981, Himons had…Lire la suite ACID PRAYERS

MACINTOSH MUSIC Man Parrish - Water Sport From Man Parrish - Brown Sugar Released on Select Records, 1987, US Whether you know him or not, we're sure you've already heard many things recorded by New-York legendary electro producer Man Parrish, but what about his ambient work ? A few months ago, we did not even suspected…Lire la suite MACINTOSH MUSIC

ESOTERIC GUITAR VOL.2 Forrest Fang - Peru From Forrest Fang - Migration Released on Ominous Thud, 1986, US We never spoke about American ambient on Okonkole Y Trompa, yet. Well it's time to do it ! Forrest Fang is a Chinese American composer who emerges from the "American Cassette Culture" movement (a movement supported by the fanzine and label…Lire la suite ESOTERIC GUITAR VOL.2

FOR FALLING ASLEEP Marc Emory - Candlelight From Marc Emory - Listening Music / Anfgang Released on Elwich Records, 1975, USA Marc Emory is a total mystery to us, and it is not excessive to qualify this album as "ungoogleable". Well, there is that curious post on Soulstrut, in which someone asks if anybody got any information…Lire la suite FOR FALLING ASLEEP

DO THE SOUL TANGO Tommy Mandel - Soul Tango From Tommy Mandel - Tommy Mandel Released on Songshop Records, 1981, US Tommy Mandel's name might seem familiar for some of you for the man has been playing keyboards for many rock superstars, including Bryan Adams and Dire Straits. However, who knew that he had released this crazy eponymous…Lire la suite DO THE SOUL TANGO