Aashid – The Gods And I
From Aashid – Kosmik Gypsy
Released on Ayo, 1982, USA

Few know about Nashville‘s experimental Reggae micro-scene, but it provided the genre with some gems, produced by mystic mastermind Aashid Himons. By the time Aashid Himons‘ ground-breaking reggae band, Afrikan Dreamland released his first album, in 1981, Himons had already a long career as a R’n’B singer which started back in the late 1950’s in NYC and Washington DC.

Jah Message, Afrikan Dreamland‘s first album, produced and arranged by Himmons provided the weirdest fusion of blues, reggae and experimental music (sometimes sounding a lot like My Life In the Bush of Ghost), but it did not even help predict how Himmons solo album, released one year after would sound : a mind-blowing proto-house smokey reggae album…

The Gods And I  is an impressive electro reggae song turning into a huge proto-house track… from 1982 ! Don’t get distracted by the not-so-smooth voice at the beginning of the song, which sounds a bit like a too-high-to-sing Robert Owens, the song evolved in a nasty, spaced-off electro jam : not only does The Gods And I provides a sick acid bassline, it’s also filled with delightful echoes, weird synth solos and more.


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