Eduardo Moreno – Escocia No Existe
From Eduardo Moreno – Musica Para Cine Imaginario
Released on Ghetto Vox Communicacion, 1990, Spain

Eduardo Moreno has a short-lived musical career, consisting of only two albums that few remember. Seemingly influenced by New Age music, Moreno self-released his first album, Musica Para Cine Imaginario, in 1990. It would have been very convenient for us to simply consider this album as a kind of ambient Grabaciones Accidentales release, that would have been released on another label by mistake, but it’s nothing like it.

In fact, the whole album really sounds like one made by an isolated musician, a huge fan of progressive rock. There is an epic side to this album that really makes it stands appart from the humbleness of even the most ambitious ambient projects on the label from Madrid, like Suso Saiz’s Orquesta de las Nubes.

Escocia No Existe is one of the most relaxed tune on the album. Beginning like some meditation music, it turns into a much more subtle song when the rhythm pattern appears, in the tradition of the now classic Spanish tune Sa Fosca by  Joan Bibiloni

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