COSAS INVISIBLES Eduardo Moreno - Escocia No Existe From Eduardo Moreno - Musica Para Cine Imaginario Released on Ghetto Vox Communicacion, 1990, Spain Eduardo Moreno has a short-lived musical career, consisting of only two albums that few remember. Seemingly influenced by New Age music, Moreno self-released his first album, Musica Para Cine Imaginario, in 1990. It would have…Lire la suite COSAS INVISIBLES

CASTLES IN SPAIN Orquesta De Las Nubes - El Orden Del Azar From Orquesta De Las Nubes - El Orden Del Azar Released on Linterna Música, 1985, Spain A few months ago we made a post about Pep Llopis's third album, released on what we consider to be a major label in the Spanish Ambient Scene, Grabaciones…Lire la suite CASTLES IN SPAIN

ESOTERIC GUITAR Albert Giménez - Java From Albert Giménez - Escapa ! Released on Filobus Records, 1983, Spain Related to the experimental / industrial band Macromassa from Barcelona, Albert Giménez is a multi-instrumentalist who began to release records under his own name during the early 1980's. On most of his songs, he explores the sounds of…Lire la suite ESOTERIC GUITAR

ACCIDENTAL RECORDINGS Pep Llopis - Muntanyes De Granit From Pep Llopis ‎– Poiemusia La Nau Dels Argonautes Released on Grabaciones Accidentales, 1987, Spain Spanish label Grabaciones Accidentales is amongst the most popular labels for new-age ambient fans. Mainly known for Madrid's balearic super group Finis Africae, it released some of the mot sophisticated pieces of organic…Lire la suite ACCIDENTAL RECORDINGS