GHANAIAN STREET SOUL A.B.Crentsil's Ahenfo Band - Sika Be Ba From A.B.Crentsil's Ahenfo Band - Gyae Me Life Ma Me Released on Black M Sounds, 1992, Germany   We have already shared a couple of times (here and here) our fascination and love for the unique sound that Ghanaian musicians crafted and that is usually labeled under…Lire la suite GHANAIAN STREET SOUL

THE DIGITAL HIGHLIFE Mr. Cee - Kaba From Mr. Cee - Kaba Released on Ceeko Records, 198?, Ghana How is it possible that all those Ghanaian records are almost  "ungoogleable" ? We mentioned a Ghanaian artist, Paa Solo, a few weeks ago, who released a very mysterious record in Berlin, and now, Mr. Cee, as impossible to…Lire la suite THE DIGITAL HIGHLIFE

MYSTERY FROM GHANA VIA BERLIN Paa Solo - Obi Do From Paa Solo - Body And Soul Released on Tom Tom Music, Germany, 1994 It's been a long time but here is another one which fits our "total mystery" section : indeed, not a single tangible piece of information was found concerning Paa Solo... However, we can still deduce…Lire la suite MYSTERY FROM GHANA VIA BERLIN