Mr. Cee – Kaba
From Mr. Cee – Kaba
Released on Ceeko Records, 198?, Ghana

How is it possible that all those Ghanaian records are almost  « ungoogleable » ? We mentioned a Ghanaian artist, Paa Solo, a few weeks ago, who released a very mysterious record in Berlin, and now, Mr. Cee, as impossible to identify as Solo… The mystery deepens…

The numerous and contradictory pieces of information on the record’s sleeve don’t really help. It seems than the album was recorded in New York, during the late 1980’s (the name of Shane Faber, who was involved with a great number of records from the late 1980’s to the late 1990’s from artists from NYC such as A Tribe Called Quest, is mentioned), but it is also mentioned that the album was released on a Ghanaian label (probably Mr. Cee‘s own label)…

Anyway, the title-track is HUGE, with a tight electro-boogie vibe to its highlife-sounding melody. This is definitely not your classic highlife tune, as it is way slower than the average, and it really makes sense that it was recorded in NYC.

The most boogie-sounding highlife song we ever heard… Or is it the other way round?

Une réflexion sur “THE DIGITAL HIGHLIFE

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