This Summer, I’ve been trying to find relief from the terrible heatwave in movie theatres. Not that I need an excuse to spend hours in theatre, but the weather probably steered me towards cold and rainy films. The night was particularly hot when I saw a wonderfully remastered Blade Runner. What a shock it was. I wasn’t expecting myself to be so amazed by a film I thought I knew well.

Anyway, there’s a lot of Blade Runner (and a hint of Wonk Kar-wai) in August NTS show, starting with its soundtrack – probably one of the best soundtracks ever composed. In other words, if you dug the « cinematic » July show, you might dig this one.

For the second hour, we have Alexandra Benalla, a relative of the infamous Macron‘s former collaborator. She shares with us her love for pumping dance music. Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for some pumpin’ house and suave summer bangers from the ambitious and nervous DJ!


  • ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER – Woe Is The Transgression I
  • A.C.MARIAS – Some Thing
  • HAMID BAROUDI – Caravan II Bagdad (1001 Night Mix)
  • VANGELIS – Tales Of The Future
  • SHIRO SAGISU – Separation Anxiety
  • LIFE GARDEN – I Comefort By Day Singing
  • VANGELIS – Main Titles
  • MODEL 500 – Milky Way
  • ROEL A. GARCIA, FRANKIE CHAN – The Killer’s Death
  • ENZO CARELLA – Mare Sopra E Sotto
  • PETER SKELLERN – One More Kiss, Dear

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