THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO Mohamed Mounir - Batib Aleki From Mohamed Mounir - S/T Released on Monsun, 1989, Germany Though pretty unknown in Europe, Mohamed Mounir is a huge star in Egypt, as suggests the nickname given to him by his fans: El Malek, the King. This lack of popularity in Europe can be explained by the fact that…Lire la suite THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO

FOR FALLING ASLEEP #2 Andreolina - Music In A Small Room From Andreolina - An Island In The Moon Released on Auf Dem Nil, 1990 The most attentive readers will realize that this is the third time that we mention the protean label, ADN (which stands for Auf Dem Nil as well as A Dull Note, and many…Lire la suite FOR FALLING ASLEEP #2

SOUTH AFRICA MOTHERLAND The Comforters - Immortal Words From The Comforters - Month-End Lover Released on Leopard Records, 1986, South-Africa First post in a while and we are back with an extract from one of our favorite records from South-Africa : Month-End Lover by the super great bubblegum band The Comforters. Immortal Words  is a strong example…Lire la suite SOUTH AFRICA MOTHERLAND