SOUTH AFRICA MOTHERLAND The Comforters - Immortal Words From The Comforters - Month-End Lover Released on Leopard Records, 1986, South-Africa First post in a while and we are back with an extract from one of our favorite records from South-Africa : Month-End Lover by the super great bubblegum band The Comforters. Immortal Words  is a strong example…Lire la suite SOUTH AFRICA MOTHERLAND

SOUTH-AFRICAN MADNESS #3 Splash - I've Lots Of Money To Spend From Splash - Peacock Released on Celluloid, 1986, France Summer is coming back and so is our passion for South-African Kwaito, Bubblegum, Proto-House, etc. So we thought we needed to share with you this little-known song from one of the biggest South-African dance acts from the…Lire la suite SOUTH-AFRICAN MADNESS #3

« GOING BACK TO MY ROOTS » Myriam Makeba - Mansane Cissé From Myriam Makeba - Africa / Mansane Cissé Released on Editions Syliphone Conakry, Zimbabwe Miriam Makeba aka Mama Afrika is a legendary Grammy Award-winning South African singer. She was without doubt amongst the artists from Africa who popularized African music all around the world. She recorded records and toured…Lire la suite « GOING BACK TO MY ROOTS »

SOUTH-AFRICAN MADNESS #2 Novidade - Voaria (ClubHouse Mix) From Novidade - Voaria Released on Tusk, 1991, South Africa Another dance-floor filler from South-Africa ! The original version of Voaria is already great with its sick bassline and its addictive lyrics in English, but this "ClubHouse Mix" contains some twists that always work in a packed club, especially…Lire la suite SOUTH-AFRICAN MADNESS #2

An Introduction Mix by Satoshi & PAM

To celebrate the launch of our website, we recorded a 2 hour-long mix on which we tried to put many of our influences. Beginning smoothly with a selection of ambient records, it slowly progresses into a more club-related mix before turning into some South-African madness (one of our biggest obsessions during this Summer). Music for relaxing,…Lire la suite An Introduction Mix by Satoshi & PAM