Splash – I’ve Lots Of Money To Spend
From Splash – Peacock
Released on Celluloid, 1986, France

Summer is coming back and so is our passion for South-African Kwaito, Bubblegum, Proto-House, etc. So we thought we needed to share with you this little-known song from one of the biggest South-African dance acts from the 1980’s-1990’s, the very evocative I’ve Lots Of Money To Spend by Splash. You may find it strange to see that this record was released on famous French label Celluloid, but Celluloid was also home to Ray Phiri and his world-famous band, Stimela, whose supporting act was, for a long time, Splash

… And that’s how the sound of Soweto made it to France !!!

I’ve Lots Of Money To Spend is very typical of the band’s style : a pumping bass, a 4/4 kick all the way, funny synth lines, and of course killer – somehow naive – lyrics which sounds so nice when we’re used to hear about financial crisis and austerity. Everything in this song seems so easy and simple but the sound of the band is easily recognizable and still sounding fresh though. This is just a perfect tune to be played whenever you want to set a happy mood… It always work !

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