IN A GREGORIAN MOOD Magdalith - Pop' A' Gregor (Pitched Down) From Magdalith - Magdalith Released on Polydor, 1973, France First of all, Magdalith is a religious artist; in fact, she is one of the most religious musicians we ever mentioned on this site (alongside Pierre Eliane). Not only does the music on her 1973 album has a…Lire la suite IN A GREGORIAN MOOD

« GOING BACK TO MY ROOTS » Myriam Makeba - Mansane Cissé From Myriam Makeba - Africa / Mansane Cissé Released on Editions Syliphone Conakry, Zimbabwe Miriam Makeba aka Mama Afrika is a legendary Grammy Award-winning South African singer. She was without doubt amongst the artists from Africa who popularized African music all around the world. She recorded records and toured…Lire la suite « GOING BACK TO MY ROOTS »