Magdalith – Pop’ A’ Gregor (Pitched Down)
From Magdalith – Magdalith
Released on Polydor, 1973, France

First of all, Magdalith is a religious artist; in fact, she is one of the most religious musicians we ever mentioned on this site (alongside Pierre Eliane). Not only does the music on her 1973 album has a very religious feel, but her biography also confirms her deep interest for liturgical mysticism as one may reads that this jewish singer felt in love with Gregorian music and would record Psalms composed by monks years later.

When we came across this records, we became hypnotized by Magdalith‘s beauty and were really looking forward to hearing what was hiding on this record. Our expectations were high for we noticed, on the sleeve, the name of the legendary French percussionist, Marc Chantereau, that you may know if you’ve listened to some French Library Music.

One track really blew our mind, Pop’ A’ Gregor, on which Marc Chantereau subtly backed Magdalith‘s phenomenal voice, playing the organ in a way that reminds of Terry Riley‘s Shri Camel. Magdalith‘s voice is numbed in beautiful echoes, and the musicians seems to play with the sound effects, but maybe is it just our brains…

Pop’ A’ Gregor is a tune that will grow on you as you’ll listen to it, taking you to a delightfully psychedelic mass !

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