Pierre Eliane ‎- Isadora Duncan (A Quoi Tu Penses Quand Tu Danses)
From Pierre Eliane ‎- Isadora Duncan
Released on CBS, 1985, France

This one is as sexy as a French groovy 12″ can get ! Both the title and the subtitle (« What are you thinking about when you are dancing? » in English) cannot be more classy than they already are. Just a quick reminder : Isadora Duncan is one of the most famous American dancers from the early 20th century, bringing back some spirituality to the discipline, and she is still considered as one of the founding figures of contemporary dance… So even if you don’t speak French, you can easily get how sensual and mystic the lyrics are.

Pierre Eliane himself is a quite mystic character : After releasing a bunch of generic pop albums, he became obsessed with roman catholic figures, releasing three albums glorifying Saint Thérèse of Lisieux in the 1990’s. In fact, 3 years after releasing this mesmerizing song, Pierre Eliane entered monastic life and he was ordained priest of the Roman  Catholic Church in 1997. He still writes and releases music about Catholic saints.

That being said, the song takes on another dimension, especially when you take into account the fact that it’s his only « club-friendly » song and that he’s got a super bad boy look on the cover. May it becomes a future hit !

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