There’s a handful of people whose names have been around circulating amongst record fanatics – names associated with excentric, odd and unique collections. Amongst these collectors, one mind always stands up for me as being very independent, that is Ewald Dupan and his aliases – the DJ, Captain Starlight and the YouTube guy Parels Voor De Zwijnen.

Just to say that I was really really pleased to have him joining the show this month, for what was to become a very good mix, in my opinion… Form your own opinion by listening to it :


  • JOACHIM HOLBEK – Europa Introduction (Part 1)
  • DEUX FILLES – Oh How We Laughed (With The Capsizing Girls)
  • JANKO NILOVICJ.-P. ALARCEN – Krishna Mission
  • NICO feat. JOHN CALE – Afraid
  • LEIGHTON CRAIG –Vessel On This Ocean
  • PAZ LENCHANTIN – Kentucky Hymn
  • GRAB GRAB THE HADDOCK –That Big Word But
  • FRANÇOIS ET LIONEL –Gouttes D’Émotion
  • SAM –Life (Club Mix)
  • JKRNDA – Suspensión
  • M + M – Riverine
  • CERISE FERRIÉ – Panama
  • YMO – Loom = 来たるべきもの
  • CHARLÉLIE COUTURE – Inside Of Me (Song)
  • CAPTAIN SENSIBLE – Glad It’s All Over

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