DJ F16 Falcon joined me for a very special show this month. He has been digging into Jean-Luc Nest’s archives for months and provided a perfect 60-min long introduction to the work of the Alsatian composer.

Jean-Luc Nest began his musical explorations with traditional instruments, including his beloved Accordion as well as electric and church organs, before discovering sound synthesis in 1978. In 1982, he took part in the digital synthesis revolution after discovering Wolfgang Palm’s synths. Nest became a sound designer for Palm’s company, PPG, and created his own sound synthesis system. He never ceased to compose for various musical projects, ranging from duets with percussionist Jean-Michel Collet to compositions for large orchestral ensembles. Since the early 1980’s, he’s been making his own singular way in the world of meditation and « wellness » music, standing out by its variety of musical approaches, and a very singular use of Accordion, an instrument whose reputation has been suffering a lot from the success of the likes of Yvette Horner and André Verchruen.

Jean-Luc Nest is still actively composing music, you can hear his latest projects here :


Opéra Minimal – Elseneur

Darline Victor – Positive Attraction

Döktor Phÿl – Don’t Touch The Seal (Dédié à Greenpeace)

ESG – Moody

Dollkraut – The Stars And You

Model 500 – Milky Way

CC Not – [303 IMUX]

The Undisputed Truth – Ungena Za Ulimwengu (Unite The World) Friendship Train

Tarika Blue – Dreamflower

John Coltrane – Offering

Tony Williams – Lawra

Lyle Mays – Street Dreams (4th Movement)

Jean-Luc Nest – Exploring with reeds

Jean-Luc Nest, Jean-Michel Collet – Évocations

Jean-Luc Nest – Singing Objects

Jean-Luc Nest – Petit Jardin Sonore

Jean-Luc Nest – Caravane

Jean-Luc Nest – Secret T 19

Jean-Luc Nest – Solaccomede

Jean-Luc Nest – Plucked Strings And Reeds 922020

Jean-Luc Nest et Jean-Michel Collet – Impressions Partie 1-2

Jean-Luc Nest – Short But Brief

Jean-Luc Nest – Dancing 5

Jean-Luc Nest – Eygluy 2018

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