Stella Monye – Sallie Girl
From Stella Monye – Change Of Hearts
Released on Tabansi Records, 1990, Nigeria

Though you may have never heard of Stella Monye, the singer known as Samba Queen was quite a star in Nigeria in the late 1980’s – early 1990’s and is still highly respected by the Nigerian Music industry. She even had a major hit in her country with Oko Mi Ye (big enough to get covers by Nigerian Idol‘s candidates).

Sallie Girl – our favourite Monye‘s track – can be seen as some kind of Nigerian version of Patricia Rushkin‘s Forget Me Nots , with its very distinctive rhythmical synth motif and its highly melancholic vibe. Definitively an essential R&B track for us.

We are sorry for the poor quality of the rip; we tried our best to clean the record, but sometimes you just can’t fight against mould… Hope you’ll still be able to enjoy this great song.


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