Archie Shepp & Jasper Van’t Hof – 5th of May
From Archie Shepp & Jasper Van’t Hof – The Fifth Of May
Released on L+R Records, 1987, Germany

Do we need to introduce legendary saxophonist Archie Shepp ? The jazzman played with John Coltrane, Don Cherry, etc. on ground-breaking albums, and he is one of the fathers of Free Jazz… Though he is less famous than Shepp, Jasper Van’t Hof is a major figure of European Jazz; the Dutch keyboardist played on many masterpieces, including Marc Moulin’s Sam Suffy.

5th Of May results of the meeting of these two giants of avant-garde Jazz. A 15-minute long piece on which Archie Shepp’s roaring saxophone takes you to stratospheric highs, while Jasper Van’t Hof provides a crazy electronic instrumental… This song completely blew up our mind, and listening to it again today is a great way to end 2015.

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