Michael Naura, Wolfgang Schlüter – Argentina
From Michael Naura, Wolfgang Schlüter – Country Children
Released on ECM, 1980, Germany

In the Jazz galaxy, ECMEdition of Contemporary Music – is a world of its own. With a catalog of more than 1000 albums released since 1969, it’s almost impossible to describe the ECM sound; however words like floating or organic somehow seem to fit when one’s trying to point out the specificity of landmark albums released by Jan Garbarek, John Abercrombie, Pat Metheny, Keith Jarrett, Don Cherry, and many more on the German imprint.

Checking ECM records is worth spending hours for there are so many hidden gems yet to be found. Argentina, is certainly one of these gems. With its almost two-minute long intro, the song finally turns out to be one of these hypnotizing moments of organic music – and a pure example of ECM deepness.

Michael Naura and Wolfgang Schlüter play piano and vibraphone without artifice, reaching a simplicity that is heartbreaking. Is it because they’ve been playing together for 27 years when they made this record? Maybe. Anyway; whether you are in Argentina, South America or anywhere else in the world, we bet that this song will give you goosebumps.


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