Masanori Sasaji – All Dreams Behind
From Masanori Sasaji – Hot Taste Jam
Released on Bourbon Records, Japan

Once again, we speak about a member of legendary japanese band Mariah : Masanori Sasaji. All Dreams Behind is taken from one of his solo albums on Bourbon Records and it doesn’t have the experimental vibe that Yasuaki Shimizu‘s albums have.

This song rather takes us to another part of Japanese much sought-after records world : the world of city pop. City pop refers to that kind of soft rock, slow disco sound, that was made by Japanese artists during the late 1970’s – early 1980’s, and All Dreams Behind definitively got that sound : mellow keyboard solos, light arrangements, and that classic vocoder!

… the mastermind Shimizu also blows the saxophone and makes the arrangements on this one… A pure time-travel to one of the sexiest moments in Japanese pop music.

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