Monsieur Goraguer – Sexy Dracula (Instrumental)
From Monsieur Goraguer – Sexy Dracula
Released on Disques Meyes, Japan

Who is that mysterious Monsieur Goraguer ? Well, he is no other than legendary composer and arranger Alain Goraguer, who has been working with Jean Ferrat, Serge Gainsbourg, France Gall, and many other French singers, and who recorded one of the most sought-after French soundtrack, La Planète Sauvage.

We decided to upload the instrumental version of this song, to pay a tribute to Goraguer‘s mastery of arrangements and because he took the time to record an alternative version of the song rather than simply getting rid of the vocals. This is, in our opinion, an amazing piece of Horrific Disco that reminds us that whatever Alain Goraguer is doing, he is killing it.

Even if it wasn’t difficult to figure out the identity of Monsieur Goraguer, This seven inch is still filled with mysteries, for example, why has it only been released in Japan, and, moreover, on a French label ? And why on earth does this vampire looks so sad and sorry ?

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