Frantz – Exhibition Tonight
From Frantz – Exhibition Tonight
Released on Barclay, 1983, France

« Everybody must get high ! Oh get up ! Oh get up ! » there’s something weird about Exhibition Tonight‘s lyrics. Well, that’s maybe because they’ve been written by a guy who learned to speak English by listening to Kurtis Blow and Casablanca records. Indeed, no need to be a linguist to detect that this hilarious accent comes from some passionate French musician, paying a groovy tribute to NYC hip-hop scene.

However, this shaky rap doesn’t involve a shaky production. On contrary, the instrumental is surprisingly good for a production which doesn’t involve big names like Jay Alanski, François Feldman or Wally Badarou, almost sounding like something that could have been played at the Paradise Garage in the early 1980’s. Great breaks, a groovy bass line – cool synths too – melted into a super well arranged track, Exhibition Tonight definitively earned a spot in our French Boogie Pantheon, even if it is sung in English.

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