François N’Gwa – N’Gondjet
From François N’Gwa ‎– N’Gondjet / Odette
Released on Studio 1, 1986, France

When someone tells you about a cosmic electronic African track your interest arouse and you generally don’t really know what to expect… If you add to this a cover featuring a picture of a Gabonese musician floating in the cosmos, the only thing you may want to do is to listen to what’s hiding on this 12″… and you won’t be disappointed !

N’Gondjet welcomes you with a weird rhythmical  pattern programmed on a Yamaha RX 11 – a digital drum-machine from the early 1980’s –  a couple of cosmic synth lines and N’Gwa flow before bursting into a highly hypnotic jam, driven by a strange bassline motive, guitars and great percussions. As if the song wasn’t deep enough, François N’Gwa is even backed by a chorus !

Released on a French label, who made a major branding mistake by calling itself Studio 1, N’Gondjet is the only African record on this label who also released a 7″ by ADN Ckrystall as well as some Têtes Raides records… For once, we found a biography of this singer and Youtube is filled with weird music videos featuring his music… so if you want to check it, go for it ! Nothing as crazy and good as this one though.

Sounds like N’Gondjet should fit well with Antoinette Konan

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