Grammacks International – Children Take Good Care
From Grammacks International – Ou Pa Bon Cauchemard
Released on 3A Productions, 1977, France

There have been quite a lot  of French Caribbean compilation LPs or reissues since for a few years new, mainly focussing on Funk-influenced music, and it’s still going on. We already discussed it on a previous post, and, YES, that kind of music is super trendy at the moment.

Ou Pa Bon Cauchemard is a nice record from Grammacks International, a quite famous band from Martinique. Previously known as Grammacks, Ou Pa Bon Cauchemard is the 1st album they release under this name. The album includes caribbean funky cuts and some roots reggae ! Children Take Good Care delivers warm roots reggae vibes and very laid back vocals. There’s also a kind of epic feeling to it, which somehow (slightly) reminds of some Ennio Morricone‘s compositions.

This may sounds like a good early-summer tune to you ! And that’s good, because we think we’re all in need of summer right now !

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